On-brand video
to promote your production on Social Media and beyond 

This type of video captures the feeling of the piece, by covering a set of images which create a 'dumb play' of the piece. The artistic, stylised images shown convey the quality and care put into the production. 

Endless Second, 2019

Promotional Video

This video highlights everything necessary to capture the attention of the target audience. They ask the questions we all ask before deciding to see a show; what's it about, how is it told, and why should I see it?


All animations and graphics produced in-house. 

Death and Dancing, 2021

Q&A Videos

This video trailer was edited together from an archive film shot for internal use - but captures the heart of the show. From this trailer a parent can get a feel of exactly what the piece is about and whether or not its right for their child. 

The Jolly Christmas Postman, 2020


A project needing financial backing to reach its full potential can greatly benefit from a video manifesto. Whether shot fresh or crafted from existing footage, we can help reach your fundraising goals with an accessible and engaging video campaign


All animations and graphics produced in-house. 

Nevergreen, 2021




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